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About HEF

Hindu Economic Forum (HEF) brings together various elements of Hindu Society such as Industrialists, Businesses, Traders, Bankers, Investors, Technocrats, Professionals, Economists, Academicians and Thought Leaders in self-organizing groups to enable their rapid growth and success. HEF is affiliated with World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF).

HEF has national chapters in various countries like Bharat, Germany, Kenya etc. and city chapters within those countries such as HEF-Mumbai, HEF-Washington DC etc.

Self-organization has always been a key catalyst in the resurgence of communities and countries. HEF aims to provide a framework for ‘local to global’ connectivity to opportunities,  partnerships, resources and know-how, in order to catalyze Hindu Businesses to collaborate between themselves and grow.

This will enable Bharat and Hindu Economy to grow and contribute 16% of the world GDP which is equivalent to the Hindu share of the global population, as a first step.

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“Sat Hasta Samahara, Sahastra Hasta Sankira”

-Vedic Wisdom
(Create Wealth with Hundred Hands and Share with Thousand Hands)

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