HEF Mumbai Chapter: Lecture Series

08.02.23 06:15 AM By HEFAdmin

As a part of lecture series, HEF Mumbai organised a talk on "Hydrogen Fuel- Creating Carbon Neutral Socities of Tomorrow" on 6th December 2022.

Shri C P Tiwari , AGM , Tata Power Company delivered a lecture on *Green Hydrogen - Creating Carbon Neutral Societies of Tomorrow* 

The Bharatiya Government in their commitment to COP26 announced a decrease in the carbon intensity by 45% till 2030 and to net zero by 2070.Given the urgency to decarbonize global energy systems to limit temp rise to less than 1.5 deg C, governments and industry are putting efforts to increase the share of renewable energy.Green Hydrogen as Energy is a good option and can be used in sectors like Steel, Cement, Refinery, Aviation and Marine transport.Presently top use of hydrogen is in Refinery for De-Sulphurisation and in Fertilizer plants for making ammonia, urea and methanol.Industries in India are preparing themselves for catering to huge expected demand.

As per RMI and NITI Aayog Report released in June 2022, by 2030 Bharat will have electrolyser manufacturing capacity of 25 GW, & total Electrolyser installed capacity of 60 GW.As larger companies are focusing on electrolyser manufacturing, MSME have an opportunity in creating supply chain of various components of green hydrogen value chain.The total estimated market size for MSMEs in Green Hydrogen space will be around Rs 48000 Crores per annum by 2030.

70 participants representing the MSME sectors benefitted from the event by interacting with the experts.