16 November, 2019
2:30 pm

Theme : Accelerating Economy of Bharat



Hindu Economic Forum (HEF) is a platform that brings together various people of Hindu Society such as Industrialists, Business persons, Traders, Bankers, Investors, Technocrats, Professionals, Economists, Academicians and Thought Leaders in self-organizing groups to enable their rapid growth and success. Each group can share their knowledge, experience, expertise and resources with other members for mutual benefit. In addition, HEF encourages members to support and mentor budding Hindu entrepreneurs. The goal is to make all sections of society prosperous.

HEF believes that today Hindu Economic power has the potential to re-emerge as a leading economic system. For this, Hindu Society needs to participate in economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation. Our ancestors expressed their wisdom in the Vedas “Sat Hasta Samhara, Sahastra Hasta Sankira” which means “Create Wealth with Hundred Hands and Share with Thousand Hands” Inspired by this wisdom, they created a just and harmonious society which generated knowledge and prosperity. Hindus created and contributed 33% of the world economy from the 1st to 17th century, creating equitable prosperity for all. With a young population, it is an opportune time to recreate Hindu prosperity.

Date:    November 16, 2019

Time  2:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Venue:    Royal Ballroom, Imperial Hotel, Janpath, New Delhi, Bharat

The WHEF journey began in 2012 at Hong Kong, followed by successful annual forums in Bangkok 2013, New Delhi 2014, London 2015, Los Angeles 2016, Chicago 2018 and several regional forums along the way.